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Airshow Traveler Magazine Raves!
"...our absolute favorite planes and favorite pilots. These aircraft are beautifully marked and beautifully maintained. As for the pilots, you won't find two nicer guys than Bob and Chris. Not all pilots actually take the time to talk to the spectators like these two do. Chris and Bob get it." demo binary options
The Grand Old Airshow, Brookhaven Airport
Floyd Bennett Fly-in
'Glamorous Gal' Kerriann Campo
September brings a home game for Warbirds Over Long Island with The Grand Old Airshow at Brookhaven Airport. The Grand Old Airshow is a two day trip back to the golden days of aviation and is a great time for all ages. This show features World War I dog fights, open cockpit bi-planes, World War II fighters and quite a few post war beauties. binary options demo trading You can also see antique cars and motorcycles with a lot of rein-actors in period dress complete with parasols and antique bicycles. More>>
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