Warbirds Contest - Name That Plane!

Name That Plane Contest

Welcome to the Warbirds' monthly "Name That Plane" contest.

Last month's plane was pretty easy, most all of you got it right off.

Our winner this month is Ken Stopiniski of Alexandria, VA for correctly naming the Mistel Flying Bomb. Bob Brown and Rich Wisnewski helped provide the description of this really odd aircraft. The Germans in World War II evolved some interesting mutations of the piggyback concept. The best known concept was the Vater Und Sohn or "Mistel (Mistletoe)" composite flying which consisted of an unmanned Junkers Ju-88 twin-engine bomber loaded with explosives. Mounted on struts above, and attached to the Ju-88, was a Messerschmitt Me-109 fighter. Later versions had FW 190s on top which was odd as while the ME 109 could share fuel with the converted bomber, the FW 190 could not, which limited its range. The pilot of the fighter controlled both the joined aircraft and, when near the target, cut the Ju-88 loose and guided the bomb-laden bomber to the target. The name apparently derived from the fact that Mistletoe is a parasitic plant. The first Mistel flew in July 1943, and featured a Messerschmitt Bf-109E fighter fitted on a set of struts to the top of an unmanned, explosive-packed Ju-88A bomber. It was originally meant to be use as an aerial torpedo to attack the British Fleet at Scapa Flow, but never was used for that mission and its only wartime use was to destroy bridges to slow the allied advance.

Plane runners up: Bob Brown, Richard Wisnewski,Chris Perryman, Joseph Wigger, Garrett O'Donoghue, Benjamin Gardiner and Frank Parrinello.

This month's plane is another of my favorites, developed late in the war it did not "officially" see combat, but pilots say it was a real hot rod.

Send your answers to thor@warbirdsoverlongisland.com. Don't forget to guess the pilot in our history section.

The contest rules:
Tell us the type of airplane in the picture and if correct your name will be entered in the monthly drawing for an official Warbirds Over Long Island t-shirt.

The drawing will occur on the last day of the month and the winner will be announced on this page. Email your answer with your name and address to namethatplane@warbirdsoverlongisland.com

We will put a new plane up on the first of each month, so you will have plenty of chances to win.

Thanks to everyone who entered last month's "Name That Plane" contest. We will be giving hints throughout the month, so keep checking back.

Get out and do your research and Name That Plane!

CONGRATULATIONS to June's Winner: Ken Stopinski
Runners Up: Bob Brown Richard Wisnewski,Chris Perryman, Joesph Wigger, Garrett O'Donoghue, Benjamin Gardiner and Frank Parrinello

May's Winner:
Jerome A. Frank
May's Plane:
Westland Lysander
April's Winner:
Chris Geminski
April's Plane:
Boeing PB-1G
March's Winner:
Charles Calvert
March's Plane:
Messerschmitt ME 163 Komet
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