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Who is this pilot and what is he best known for?

History Quiz
Welcome to the Warbirds monthly "History Quiz " section.

This month's pilot should be very recognizable for his exploits. If you think you know, throw your hat in the ring and send in your answer.
Good Luck and see you at the airshows

In the interest of preserving the history of the original pilots and crews of the warbirds. We are adding another contest to the website. It is a trivia question section. With the internet it should be easy for you all to find the information, but it is important to remember the sacrifices as well as the exploits of our veterans. So in this section we will ask questions that will hopefully make you want to find out more about the history behind the pilots and aircrews in the second world war.

Send in your answer to thor@warbirdsoverlongisland.com and we will pick a winner for an authentic Warbirds Over Long Island patch with the velcro the same as our pilots wear on their flight-suits.

Good luck and have fun and learn the history!

The winner will be announced on this page at the end of every month.
Well I got a lot of flack over how easy last month's pilot was and my giving hints, but I think you need the hints as people are harder to identify than planes. Last month's pilot was none other than Gen Chuck Yeager. Our winner is Ryoung4673. Everyone should know Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, flying the experimental at Mach1 at an altitude of 45,000. He was also a WWII ace flying P-51s, was an ace-in-a-day, shot down one of the first Me-262s, was shot down and escaped... the list is endless. He is truly made of The Right Stuff!

Runners up are: Bob Brown, Rich Wisnewski, spadd8, and Ken Stopinski,
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